Re: message page formatting

1998-02-11 09:28:34
I just download and started using MHonarc. I was having problems with 
message page formatting. I was able to solve most of the problems by sending 
the message in a table (using netscape mail). However there is still one 
problem left with mime types, specifically when I send an image in the table
mhonarc processes the image formatting it outside of the table rather than
putting it in the table as created in the original message. Is there any way 
around that??? I couldn't find anything in the  resources that allow for for 
putting the image in the body of html where it was originally.

The problem is mhonarc does not support URLs in HTML messages that
reference other parts of a multipart message.  Hence, the image data
gets displayed where its part occurs relative to the HTML part instead
of where it is being referenced in the HTML.


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