Subdirectories for messages.

1998-02-12 18:36:37
This may be a feature request. 

  I have monthly archive that contains several thousand messages. I would
like to be able to run mhonarc on this archive, and have the messages
stored in subdirectories below my "outdir" in groups of 1000. I would
therfore be able to browse to ~/outdir/00/msg00005.html or
~/outdir/03/msg03011.html for the 6th and the 3012th message respectively. 

  Can this be done without code change? MsgPrefix does not really appear
to suit this request and use of definederived to set this up will give me
extra files that I will have to delete. Is there some other resource
available that allows this sort of output? Then again, can the MsgPrefix
be tweaked to do this?

(I do trust my file system to handle large number of messages in one
directory but have a preference for groupings of 1000 or so).

Thanks in advance,

% Anthony                                             
anthonyw(_at_)albany(_dot_)net  %

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