Re: PrevPgLink

1998-02-13 19:52:27
I am redefining mhonarc in order to use PrevPgLink (a link to the
previous page)
in spanish, therefore in my resource file I wrote:

<PrevPgLink chop>
[<A HREF="$PREVPG$">P&aacute;gina&nbsp;anterior</A>]

That works in general but not for the first page. I get
[Prev Page]

I didn't mention in my original post. My NEXTPGLINKIA and PREVPGLINKIA
are as follow:

[Pr&oacute;xima p&aacute;gina]
[P&aacute;gina anterior]

Any Idea?

I tried it, and it worked for me.  MHonArc version?

BTW, I have a similar problem using $LOCALDATE$
My definitions are:

el %d de %b %b de %Y.
Do you want %b twice.


Trying removing the leading whitespace in the month list.


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