Re: attachments and file permissions

1998-02-16 14:53:31
My question is concerning the file permissions, in that the messages are
now owned by daemon and chmod 644, thus not allowing hand editing the link
to the pdf files they have uploaded.

Is there a way to get mhonarc to write the files with different
permissions or group for example?  Is this set with umask or can they be
changed in the .rcfile?

umask only deals with permission bits of a file anot with file
ownership.  Changing the ownership of files requires root privledges.

What might be best on a maintenance standpoint, and to handle the type
of things you need, is to have a special account that actually does the
message archiving thru a .forward file.  When using .forward, sendmail
will setuid to the user account of the .forward when calling an
external process.  This way, all the files created will be owned by
that account.

Therefore, if any maintenance work is required, a person can log in
under the special account and do what is needed w/o file ownership


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