What is "From" (was Re: MHonArc v2.1.1)

1998-02-19 11:37:57
In cases like this is makes sense to expose all suspects on the
message page; using the header markup and without prejudice.  The
opportunities we can offer by mailto: links don't have to be as
constipated as the MUA behavior.

Yes.  Message header formatting can set to show all the fields so the
reader can pick what they want.  However, the issue for MHonArc is what
gets shown index pages.  To confuse things, by default MHonArc uses the
computed "FROM" to set the <LINK REV="made" ...> element in message
pages for browsers that have a "respond to author" function (like

After looking at things again, I would be inclined to have MHonArc
weight the "From:" field with the highest precedence since the value is
used by MHonArc to denote the original author of the message (and
determines the name shown in index listings).  For things like mailing
lists, the MAILTOURL resource can be changed to include a
"cc=maillist(_at_)address(_dot_)org" to support replies via a Web client.  I.e.
The mailing list address is a known quantity, while the author of the
message is variable.

I am in the process of adding a FROMFIELDS resource to MHonArc.  Hence,
users can determine their own priorities if they do not like


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