MHonArc resource file editor

1998-02-24 11:52:25
A user via private mail writes:

Anyway, the thread went something like this; sure would be nice to have a
resource file manager, OS blah blah has one, no I meant for NT, yeah sure
would be nice.  So, is there any GUI for managing a resource file or does
everyone still do it like me -- text editor in one hand, documentation in
the other? 

To answer the question directly, "yes".  I use Vi and will have a
browser window to the docs if I need to look something up (even I
forget all the stuff I put in MHonArc).

Personally, I do not see how a GUI editor for MHonArc resource files
would be beneficial enough to justify the development.  If someone was
ambitious enough, maybe something can be written in Perl/Tk.

Or, several text editors support "modes" for the type of files that can
be edited.  Eg: Emacs has a mode for practically any text file format
on the planet (C, Perl, C++, SGML, Lisp, ...).  I guess if there are
MHonArc users who are knowledge about their editor to create new
editing modes, it should not be too difficult to create one for MHonArc
resource files.  Maybe things like syntax highlighting of resource tags
and resource variables.  Maybe some form of validation.

Since I am person who is happing with vi and edits data like HTML and
SGML by hand, I would not expect anything fancy coming from me.  Maybe
some user as a learning excercise can do one.


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