Problems running marc-search

1998-02-24 18:12:12

I'm trying to set up marc-search on Mhonarc archive (Windows NT system   
with 128MB RAM). When I perform a test search, the system hangs and the   
following message appears in the Perl error message file:

*** 'D:\InetPub\wwwroot\CGSHome\cgi-bin\' error message at:   
1998/02/24 19:06:38
Name "File::Basename::VERSION" used only once: possible typo at   
D:\Perl\lib/File/ line 131.
Deep recursion on subroutine "finddir" at D:\Perl\lib/File/ line   
Out of memory!

Any ideas what is causing this?

Thanks . . .
Stephen R. Welch
Research Associate & Network Administrator
Council of Graduate Schools

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