Call for participation - CAD heuristics experiments

1998-02-25 16:57:46

If you work in the area of CAD of microelectronic systems or heuristics to
solve NP-hard problems, some items in this message may be of interest. The
purpose is to

(1) alert you to new postings on our web-server, in particular under

(2) invite you to participate in the new generation of design and execution
of peer-reviewed collaborative experiments, using workflows on the Web.
With your participation, we hope to present some of this effort as

-- part of a session during International Workshop on Logic Synthesis (IWLS'98)

-- part of the Vela Project demo in the University Booth during DAC'98

-- part of a joint-session proposal to ICCAD'98

The recent first-generation capability to synthesize a large number of
equivalence class circuit mutants from a copy of a known design,
maintaining either wiring signature invariance or entropy signature
invariance, motivated us to conduct a series of statistical experiments
with algorithms in layout, logic, and test synthesis. These experiments are
beginning to address tests of hypothesis such as

  "Is the improvement due to the choice of the algorithm or due to chance?"

Wide participation and a number of peer-reviewed experiments are required
to resolve such issues. The first such discussions may take place at
IWLS'98. In particular, thousands of experiments with hundreds of current
circuit mutants,  posted under

already raise such issues in logic minimization and variable ordering of
ROBDDs. For example, some but not all of the mutants of well-known and
relatively simple circuits such as C1355, appear as a serious challenge for
ROBDD variable ordering algorithms but not for atpg algorithms, etc.

If you feel this message reached you in error or out-of-context, we
apologize. We will not repeat it again.

Dr. Franc Brglez
Collaborative Benchmarking Laboratory (CBL)
Dept. of Computer Science
NC State University, Box 7550
Raleigh, NC 27695-7550, USA
phone: 919-515-9675        e-mail: brglez(_at_)cbl(_dot_)ncsu(_dot_)edu
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