Re: question

1998-02-27 09:32:26
/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -title "The #soulmates mailing list archive" -force
-idxfname index.html -reverse -outdir

Here is what it does:
bin00000.bin    bmp00029.bmp    bmp00059.bmp    bmp00089.bmp    bmp00119.bmp
msg00008.html   msg00038.html
bmp00000.bmp    bmp00030.bmp    bmp00060.bmp    bmp00090.bmp    bmp00120.bmp
msg00009.html   msg00039.html
bmp00001.bmp    bmp00031.bmp    bmp00061.bmp    bmp00091.bmp    bmp00121.bmp
msg00010.html   msg00040.html
bmp00002.bmp    bmp00032.bmp    bmp00062.bmp    bmp00092.bmp    bmp00122.bmp
msg00011.html   msg00041.html

All of those .bmp files are the same and there are a LOT of them.  The script
seems ot be recreating the .bmp file each time it runs.  Is there a way to
stop this?

Do a remove of all files (or at least the bmp files) before running
MHonArc.  Your invocation of mhonarc causes your archive to be
recreated from scratch.  When the bmp data is decoded in the data, the
external filter writes it to a file.  To avoid the potential of
clobbering other, in use, external files, the external filter makes
sure to output the data into a new filename.

You can also use -add to avoid the problem, and also get better
performance since already archived messages will be quickly skipped.


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