Re: Newbie Questions

1998-02-27 09:51:58
A web site with a cgi-bin, with FTP access (no Unix shell)
Eudora mailbox on my computer's hard drive (running Win 95) that I
wish to convert to a web archive

What I'd like to do:
Have all the messages coming in to that Eudora mailbox added to the
archive.  Can I do this?  How do I go about doing this?
One way to accomplish this is to run MHonArc on your Windows 95 machine and
then upload MHonArc's output .html files via FTP to the WWW server.

In outline ...

Do once:
   1. Install Perl on your Windows 95 machine.
   2. Install MHonArc on your Windows 95 machine.

Do periodically:
   3. Arrange for your Eudora mailbox(es) to get processed by MHonArc.
   4. FTP the results of #3 from the Windows 95 machine to the Unix WWW

I'd like to add a little to Steve's great reply.  If you are not scared
of a little programming, you can optimize the transfer of MHonArc
archive data to the Web server by only transfering files that are new,
or have changed, since the last transfer.

Actually, there may be some mirroring software that you can use that
can probably automate the task for you.  Decent mirror software should
only transfer data that has changed or is new.


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