Re: "Push" mirroring of servers

1998-02-27 12:07:19
to follow up on what Steve Pacenka said:

I've been looking for a general "push mirroring" tool that will process an
entire directory tree.  All I've found are "pull" scripts that run on the
machine that is the destination of the mirroring.  I need something that
runs on the source machine and maniuplates the destination machine's FTP

Seems like this would have been found or invented by MHonArc users who
generate their message archives on machines other than the destination WWW

Any pointers?

Pull is easier to trust.  I don't see why you think you need
something more than what you have.  If you have problems with
timeliness and can't wait for the ftp daemon on the destination
site to do its thing, arrange to have rpc permission so you can
tickle the remote ftp daemon as soon as there is mirroring
business for it to check on.  Then have the ftp daemon set to run
the mirroring script on tickle or timeout, whichever happens

If that is not available on the destination host, find out what
you can get.  If you can get cgi privileges, install a wget or
WebWhacker script as a cgi and tickle it via http and cgi when
you need to precipitate a synchronizing refresh.

If there is a static pattern of mirroring that needs to happen,
stable ftp technology sounds like a good answer to me.

Al Gilman

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