Re: eudora mbx update

1998-02-25 12:22:49

We're making progress.  (I assume that the .mbx file was transmitted
correctly in ASCII mode via FTP.)

At 09:11 AM 2/25/98 -0600, Bob Fulwiler wrote:
this thing is:

mhonarc -add -rcfile frames.rc -definevars "MAIN-TITLE='MSCE List'"
-outdir /home/bobf/public_html/mailarc/msce_list

I don't see any problem with this.

How is this command being executed?  Typing it at a shell prompt?

The results look like this:

Reading resource file: frames.rc ...
Requiring content filter libraries ...
Requiring charset filter libraries ...
Adding messages to /home/bobf/public_html/mailarc/msce_list
Reading /home/bobf/public_html/msce-lis.mbx

MHonArc says that "Reading" line after it successfully opened that file.

Earl: I can't find where MHonArc generates this next message, if it indeed


No new messages

That would be generated if MHonArc never found the beginning of a message
("From " line that I cited earlier) in the .mbx file.  The fact that you
saw no dots (".") to indicate each detected message indicates that the file
MHonArc read contained no delimited messages.

Possible causes:

   - message separators ("From " lines) different from what MHonArc is trying
             affected by MH_MSGSEP environment variable and possible a
resource setting
             (also settable via command line, but you're not using that)

   - input file is empty

   - (remote, maybe nonsense) input file does not have 0x0A newline
terminators; but you should get at least one message detected if the
message separator is set properly (including left at its default).

Are you by any chance setting the MH_MSGSEP environment variable, or
redefinging the message separator in a resource file?

I am a bit confused why it is trying to read .../msce-lis.mbxy.  Where
does this come from?

I suspect that is not generated by Mhonarc.

-- SP

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