Re: "Push" mirroring of servers

1998-02-27 14:29:42
I am not sure if this is what you want or not. But here is something you can 
check out:

rsync, rdist, sup, etc. 

Yes.  But for the situation mentioned by the original post that started
this dicussion, tools like rdist are not applicable.  The remote system
is controled by an ISP, and I seriously doubt they are willing to make
a remote system a priviledged system and compromise their security.
Plus, the tools work only for Unix-based systems.  M$ Windoze and other
OS's are out in the dark, or one would have to buy something to get the

IMHO, a mirror tool that can push would be useful.  It is common now
for individuals to have accounts through an ISP, but are only given FTP
and Web/CGI priviledges.  Doing a hack that does a pull via CGI seems
clumsy to me, and it would require that an FTP or HTTP server being
running on the individual's machine (which is not likely since there
would be no need to do the mirror).  A push mirror tool would be more
useful for this situation.  If none is available, one can probably be
written using the Net::FTP module at CPAN.


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