Re: separate page per mbx?

1998-03-02 16:37:55
At 01:21 PM 3/2/98 -0600, Regy D. Varghese wrote:
Is there a way to publish each mail box in my eudora mail folders on a
separate page for each?

One way is to create and use a separate destination directory for each
Eudora mailbox.

Something like

    mhonarc -add -outdir c:/archives/earth  c:/eudora/earth.mbx
    mhonarc -add -outdir c:/archives/air     c:/eudora/air.mbx
    mhonarc -add -outdir c:/archives/water  c:/eudora/water.mbx
    mhonarc -add -outdir c:/archives/fire    c:/eudora/fire.mbx

-- SP

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