Off Subject - - mailing a note from a script

1998-03-02 16:27:46
My apologies in advance if this is off topic, but I don't know where else
to turn.  I am using Mhonarc to archive my mailing list, and I find that
the volume of messages forces me to periodically make a new db file, so
that the loading time for someone checking the archives is not so huge.  I
have set up a script that will rotate and store the last 5 months in
separate archives, but I still have the problem of getting the oldes
archive off of my ISP's machine and downloaded to my machine at home.
Right now my script will zip this archive and name it, but I
would also like the script to email me so that I can ftp there, grab the
file, and then delete it to make room for the next month.  So, my question
is this, is there a way to include something in a script that can be run
from a crontab that send me an email message.

Thanks in advance for any help, please feel free to take a look at my list
archives at the url below.


Paul Braunbehrens mailto:Bakalite(_at_)bakalite(_dot_)com Mailing list for digital audio on the mac

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