Re: No new message

1998-03-06 15:51:58
On March, 6 1998 at 18:42, "Olivier Nguyen Van Tan" wrote:

I am using MHonarc for my mailing list and I 've got an 'out of memory'

Did you try the -savemem option?  Also, if you have iso-2022-jp
messages and you are using v2.1.2, you will get 'out of memory'.

So, I try to archive my messages in small pieces (I mean directory by
directory and not all at one time) but MHonArc told me 'no new message'...

How are the messages stored in the directories?  Are they like MH:
each message has a numeric filename?  If not, you'll need to change
the MHPATTERN resource.


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