Re: No new message

1998-03-07 19:21:26
It is a bit strange... when I try t archive only one directory...
(I installed MHonarc 2.2)

I run the following line :
mhonarc -rcfile my.rc -outdir my/dir liste/archive

and MHonarc told me :
"no new messages"...  :((

I want to create a new archive, so I did not use the -add option...
(because I thought the old archive was bugged...)


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De : Earl Hood <ehood(_at_)hydra(_dot_)acs(_dot_)uci(_dot_)edu>

So, what can I do to restart MHonarc archive ?
do not use the -add option ?

Yep.  Without -add, MHonArc creates a new archive.

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