Re: uknown mailer error #13

1998-03-09 09:44:11
On March, 7 1998 at 11:15, "Bart E. Hawley Sr." wrote:

But I am still receiving this error msg............

Writing mail ..ERROR: Failed to create

Did you read the rest of my previous reply?  If you know Perl, you can
updated the library to include $! in the error messages to
get the reason for the failure.  If you do not know Perl, temporarily
change the permissions of
to 777 and try again (the directory permissions are what is important in
allow file writes).  If it succeeds, the problem is either
permissions and/or ownership.  See what the ownership is of the new
message file created to determine if ownership is the problem (which it
probably is).

Note, if the alias you set up is in the global sendmail aliases file,
mhonarc will be running under a uid of "daemon" or other minimally
priviledged uid.  It will not run as root (security risk). 


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