Re: Running mhonarc from MSDOS batch files.

1998-03-09 10:16:04

I'm running under Win95 with a DOS batch file invoking mhonarc to process
messages in different Eudora folders and then FTP'ing them to a web server.
 Try specifying the path to your perl directory, then invoke mhonarc via
perl.  Something like:

c:\perl5\perl mhonarc -rcfile volclist.rc -outdir c:\gvp\volclist

(That's all on one line if it wraps on email.)

No problem invoking it multiple times in one batch file in c:\mhonarc where
I keep all the rc files. I process three folders, run a little timer, and
loop to the top of the batch file again about 9-10 times/day.  I'm not
archiving, so I just regen the database each time; add your own command
line options. Works great.

My guess is that mhonarc is found, runs, but then the directory has changed
and the system can't find the path back to your batch file so it crashes.

Good luck.

Ed Venzke

At 08:38 PM 3/6/98 -0600, you wrote:
I use Eudora on Windows 95 to sort my messages into separate
mailboxes. Then I run mhonarc to archive the messages in
each of the mail box separately. I use DOS separate batch
files to run the following command for each archive.

mhonarc -add -outdir C:/website/wwwroot/mail/dir1
c:/eudora/internet.fol/mailbox1.mbx -rcfile mail1.rc

DOS usually allows the execution of the commands like the
one above repettitively as follows:

mhonarc -add -outdir C:/website/wwwroot/mail/dir1
c:/eudora/internet.fol/electrog.mbx -rcfile mail1.rc
mhonarc -add -outdir C:/website/wwwroot/mail/dir2
c:/eudora/internet.fol/electrog.mbx -rcfile mail2.rc

But in my case it stops executing as soon as it finishes
processing the first mail box. The control is apparently not
returned to the batchfile to allow it to execute the next
line. If each line is executed from the command prompt, it
works properly. Is there a way to make a DOS batch file run
these commands one after another, or, is there a way to use
perl to do the same and avoid using DOS batchfiles

Thanks a bunch.


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