Re: Running mhonarc from MSDOS batch files.

1998-03-09 13:32:34
At 11:15 AM 3/9/98 -0500, Postmaster wrote:

Try specifying the path to your perl directory, then invoke mhonarc via
perl.  Something like:

c:\perl5\perl mhonarc -rcfile volclist.rc -outdir c:\gvp\volclist

(That's all on one line if it wraps on email.)

Either prefixing each line with "call" or using perl without a mhonarc.bat
file will solve the problem.  The above assumes that the "mhonarc" Perl
code is in the current directory.  Do perl -S mhonarc to run it from
anywhere the DOS path.

My guess is that mhonarc is found, runs, but then the directory has changed
and the system can't find the path back to your batch file so it crashes.

What's happening is that MS-DOS batch files don't work the way one might
expect.  When one batch file launches another, using the default way, it
means "goto" rather than "call", so there is no resumption of the earlier
batch file.

DOS version 3.something introduced the "call" statement to override this
default.  I think the behavior was inherited from CP/M.

-- SP

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