Re: can procmail be bypassed?

1998-03-11 13:10:20
Your sysadmin is a ninny.

Happily, however, the source for procmail is available

  And, of course, Procmail is not required for simple archives.  I am 
running a number of archives on FLORA and do not have Procmail 
installed.  I can understand not wanting to install Procmail unless it's 
needed - it's a great tool, but not necessary in this case as you can just 
use Sendmail's (similar for all other mailer's) "|program" in the 

  I do use a PERL wrapper to separate into monthly archives for a number of 
lists, but this doesn't change the format of STDIN, just checks the date 
and sets the command line to MHonArc appropriately.

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