Help with implementation of Wilma in Win32 environment.

1998-03-13 14:38:59
Build information on Perl for Win32 Download page at the official Perl site:

The latest build of Perl for Win32, Perl for ISAPI and PerlScript is Build
315. This is based on 5.003_07 Core Perl code. ed on 5.003_07 Core Perl code.

Wilma requires:

    Perl 5      (only tested with 5.004_03)      (part of the 5.004 distribution)   (included)
    MHonArc     (tested with v2.1.0)
    Glimpse     (tested with 3.0)

Are you aware of an implementation of Wilma in a WIN32 environment,
preferably in a WINNT environment? Is it possiblr to run Wilma with Perl

Thank You.


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