Re: Help with implementation of Wilma in Win32 environment.

1998-03-13 15:34:32
"LWV" == Lone Wolf Varghese 
<varghese(_at_)hfab1(_dot_)sc(_dot_)ti(_dot_)com> writes:

LWV> Are you aware of an implementation of Wilma in a WIN32 environment,
LWV> preferably in a WINNT environment?

We (the authors) are not.  Does Glimpse even run under NT?

LWV> Is it possiblr to run Wilma with Perl v5.003_07?

I don't think so.  Why would you use such an ancient perl anyway?  And why
an early development version at that?  All of the modern versions run out
of the box on NT.  Dump the Activestate stuff and use the real

I don't know of anything specific that would keep Wilma from running on NT,
unless NT is so horribly broken as to not have symlinks or Glimpse doesn't
run on it.  I do know that it runs really, really well on a Linux box,
though, since that's what I use to test it.

 - J<

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