Re: mhonarc 2.1.0 and merging replies

1998-03-17 09:48:24
On March, 17 1998 at 6:24, karl(_at_)atg(_dot_)com wrote:


That is exactly what I had (and have).  And in that case, the subject
follow-ups and reference follow-ups are displayed separately, in
different <ol>'s, as described in my original mail.  The only way I can
see to merge them is by changing the source code, as in the patch I sent.
So please reconsider it for the distribution, that's all :-).

Got it.  Regular replies and subject replies are treated as separate
"groups": causing TSubListBeg and TSubListEnd to be called for each
group.  I do not see any reason why this behavior needs to be
preserved.  Hence, the source will be changed.  TSubjectBeg and
TSubjectEnd will still be used accordingly.

Nice catch,


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