Re: MHonArc beginner question: Problem with mailbox format

1998-03-30 12:27:09
On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Gonzalo Garcia Julian wrote:

I have just installed MhonArc in Linux and it works fine except for the
fact that it does not process the attachments.  [...] there is something
missing from the header of the messages in the mailbox (regarding the
Content-type or MIME).

The message that you show does not have an attachment.  It has some
stuff uuencoded in its main body.  Basically the message is NOT
a MIME message.

Does anybody know how to configure sendmail to avoid this problem

It's not sendmail, but the actual creator of the message (it looks
like Microsoft Internet Email.  Presumably there must be a way
of getting that MUA to send attachements as real attachments instead
of uuencoding.  

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