Re: MHonArc beginner question: Problem with mailbox format

1998-03-30 12:23:00
On March, 30 1998 at 18:34, Gonzalo Garcia Julian wrote:

I have just installed MhonArc in Linux and it works fine except for the 
fact that it does not process the attachments. After reading the 
documentation the only thing I can think of is that there is something 
missing from the header of the messages in the mailbox (regarding the 
Content-type or MIME). Does anybody know how to configure sendmail to avoid 
this problem and make MhonArc work? A copy of a message with an attachment 

The problem has nothing to with sendmail or MHonArc.  The problem
lies with the MUA (mail user agent); ie. The software used to
compose the message.

The message is not using MIME to encode the message and the
attachment.  And this is the responsibility of the MUA.  The message
you provide as an example is a non-standard way for encoding

If you want MHonArc to deal with these types of messages, you will need
to write a custom filter (as described on the MIMEFILTERS resource
page) that checks for embedded uuencoded data.  The library
can be used to handle the uudecoding.


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