Re: Problem with -add option

1998-03-30 13:50:03
On March, 29 1998 at 3:13, Christian Frosch wrote:

What could the reason for the problem be?

My pipe in majordomo.aliases looks like this:

test:           "|/var/local/majordom/bin/wrapper resend -l test
test-digest:    test
test-outgoing:  :include:/var/local/majordom/lists/test,
"|/var/local/majordom/bin/wrapper digest -r -C -l test-digest test-digest-out
"|/var/local/majordom/bin/wrapper -a -M -f
/var/local/majordom/archive/test/test.archive", "|var/local/bin/mhonarc -add 
-dbfile /var/local/majordom/webarchive
BINGO!  Wrong use of option.  Get rid of it.

BTW, where do error messages go?  An error/warning should be generated
from mhonarc with how you are invoking it.  Maybe sendmail discards
it unless a non-zero exit status is returned.


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