Problem with -add option

1998-03-28 19:13:32

I'm having a problem with -add option of MHonArc. I am using
Majordomo-1.94.4 and it pipes the outgoing messages to the list and
to MHonArc. But instead of adding msgs to the existing index.html
file the file is overwritten and only the latest msg is listed.
While index.html and threads.html are both changed/overwritten 
.mhonarc.db is remains unchanged. This happens to be the case even when
file permissions are set to 777 and all files are owned by daemon and
group majordom.

What could the reason for the problem be?

My pipe in majordomo.aliases looks like this:

test:           "|/var/local/majordom/bin/wrapper resend -l test
test-digest:    test
test-outgoing:  :include:/var/local/majordom/lists/test,
"|/var/local/majordom/bin/wrapper digest -r -C -l test-digest 
"|/var/local/majordom/bin/wrapper -a -M -f
/var/local/majordom/archive/test/test.archive", "|var/local/bin/mhonarc -add 
/var/local/majordom/webarchive -idxfname index.html -outdir 

I'm currently stuck with this. The problem remains the same when I call
mhonarc locally. I have also recreated the whole archive manually, thus
a corrupt .mhonarc.db file should not be responsible.

Best regards,

Christian Frosch

e-mail: frosc000(_at_)mail(_dot_)uni-mainz(_dot_)de

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