Re: Link from html-message to original text

1998-03-30 18:44:05
On March, 30 1998 at 15:52, J C Lawrence wrote:

I'm new to MHonArc, and am not quite comfortable with the resources
yet.  What I'd like to do is to have messages displayed with all the
standard links and minimal header set, but to *also* have a link on
each message to the same message with the full headers (cf DejaNews).
This would seem to require having MHonArc generating two HTML files
for each message rather than the current one...  I guess I could have
a tag inserted referring back to the original source file for the
message <groan>.

DEFINEDERIVED allws you to defining extra files to create for each
message, and you can utilize resource variables to put data there (see
the frames.rc example that comes with the distribution).
Unfortunately, what you want requires code changes since you cannot
place the main header and body text whereever you like.  It has to do
with legacy versions and older archives.  If your archives were
originally created with the latest version, support this kind of
feature is possible.


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