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1998-03-31 09:25:07
On March, 30 1998 at 19:42, Steve Barney wrote:

Another question I have is, do the e-mail list and it's MHonArc web page
archive have to be on the same server?  For example, could I have an
e-mail list on a particular university majordomo server (say the
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh), and the MHonArc archive of the list on
a web page on another web server?

Definitely.  All you need for the system that will house the archive is
the ability to get messages to the list to the system.  One technique
is to have a special account on the system that is subscribed to the
list and have it configured to archive the messages as they come into
the account.  BTW, this technique is can even be used when the list
software is on the same system as the MHonArc archives.

I believe at UCI, the lists that get archived are done via a special
user account(s) that is subscribed to the list(s).  This allows one to
keep the web archive functionality separate from the list management.
Hence, if the list software changes in how it does its job, the web
archive piece will be unaffected.  It also allows a separation of
administrative duties so different people can be used for web archive
tasks and list management tasks.


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