mhonarc.2.2.0 editidx problem

1998-04-06 10:08:46
I've been using mhonarc 2.1.0 for a long time. I'm now trying to use
mhonarc 2.2.0. Version 2.2.0 says that the archives must be 
converted from 2.1.0 to 2.2.0, so I ran the the following 
command as instructed:

mhonarc220 -editidx -rcfile /var/local/lib/MHonArc2.2.0/examples/def-mime.rc 
-outdir /var/local/majord/html/testarchive

This is the output I got:
Reading database ...                                                            
Warning: Database (2.1.0) != program (2.2.0) version.                           
Reading resource file: /var/local/lib/MHonArc2.2.0/examples/def-mime.rc ...     
Undefined subroutine &main::timegm called at /usr/prod/contrib/lib/perl-5.003/t line 60.

The mhonarc.2.2.0 code that's making the ofending call is in in sub get_time_from_date. Here's a code snipet
from that sub:
     warn qq|Warning: Unrecognized time zone, "$zone"\n|;
 } else {
   # This call to timelocal is the one that causes the problem...Paul
   $time = &timelocal($sec,$min,$hr,$mday,$mon,$yr);


The perl lib code that's giving the error is in, sub
timelocal. Which looks like this:

sub  timelocal{                                                                 
  package timelocal;                                         
  local($[) = 0; 
#This call to timegm is where the error at line 60 is coming from:
  $time = &main'timegm + $tzmin*$MIN;
  return -1 if $cheat<0;                                                      
  @test = localtime($time);                                                   
  $time -= $HR if $test[2] != $_[2];                                          

I have found out that if I remove the line "package timelocal;"
from the timelocal sub, that everything works fine. I Really don't
want to hack a perl lib function though. 

Does anyone know where my problem is? 

I don't think there's a problem in a PERL5.003 lib function.
And since I saw no other reports of this in this mhonarc
newsgroup, I'm inclined to think that the problem is on my
end, but exhausted all my debug options at this point.

Any help greatly appreciated.......Paul Sala

My System details:
 Operating Sys: AIX 4.2.1
 Perl: 5.003 with EMBED
 Mhonarc: MHonArc v2.2.0

Paul J. Sala                ||  Email: psala(_at_)btv(_dot_)ibm(_dot_)com
IBM Microelectronics        ||  Phone: (802) 769-8823 (t/l 446)

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