Re: mhonarc.2.2.0 editidx problem

1998-04-06 14:21:18
On April, 6 1998 at 11:8, "Paul J. Sala" wrote:

mhonarc220 -editidx -rcfile /var/local/lib/MHonArc2.2.0/examples/def-mime.rc 
-outdir /var/local/majord/html/testarchive

This is the output I got:
Reading database ...                                                         
Warning: Database (2.1.0) != program (2.2.0) version.                        
Reading resource file: /var/local/lib/MHonArc2.2.0/examples/def-mime.rc ...  
Undefined subroutine &main::timegm called at /usr/prod/contrib/lib/perl-5.003
/t line 60.

#This call to timegm is where the error at line 60 is coming from:
  $time = &main'timegm + $tzmin*$MIN;

Its a problem with  It makes the assumption that its
subroutines will get defined in the package "main".  v2.2.0 no longer
defines routines and variables in the main package so when
is required, the routine defined in it are put into the package called

Perl 5.004's uses Time::Local, so the problem goes

The quickest solution to your problem is to make copy of
and place it where you installed MHonArc's library files.  Then
edit (in MHonArc's lib directory).  Change the call
to &main'timegm to &mhonarc'timegm.


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