Re: Duplicated resource precedence

1998-04-21 13:00:26
On April, 16 1998 at 17:44, Michael Yount wrote:

I use a two-tiered resource file scheme, with a few list-specific
commands in one rc file, and a larger group of common settings
in a second rc file called "common.rc".

If a certain resource is specified twice in the rc files,
which takes precedence?

The last.

A quick experiment showed that using (regardless of order)



in one of the list-specific files,
where common.rc also has a FIELDORDER specified, caused the
last definition to prevail.   With resources that don't
use override, can I expect the last definition to take
precedence in general?

Many resources automatically imply override (FIELDORDER is one of
them).  Hence, the last one prevails.  Some resources can imply either,
so the override attribute is available to control behavior.

In general, if you have common shared resource files you want
to include, put the INCLUDE at the top of the main resource file
before any local resource settings.


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