Re: sorting by subject line

1998-04-21 15:30:24
On April, 20 1998 at 16:49, Candace Carter - Sun Toronto SE wrote:

Is the "SUBJECTARTICLERXP" the best resource to use to aid in subject sorting
when the first part of all of the messages that I am archiving have 
a number code like sL13-0198:?

If all the messages start with a code, then only use SUBJECTARTICLERXP
if you do not want it to be used as a bases for sorting.  If you
do, SUBJECTARTICLERXP does nothing for you.

I would like to sort the messages into one of 5 catagories for display on my 
webpages. This code in the subject line denotes the catagory that the message
should go into. 
But then how would I get the catagory headings to print?

You have to provide an example of what you are talking about.
Are the categories the number codes, or do the number codes fit
into a predefined set of categories?

Or is there a better way? 

My impression is that you would have to modify code to do what you
want.  There is no general catagorization abilites in MHonArc.  A
solution is to provide separate archives for each category and use
something like Procmail to pipe messages to the proper archive.


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