INTERNET SERVICE Without a computer

1998-04-25 13:34:20
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Simply the BEST

Internet access available today!!

26 years as an Internet Network Provider

No Downtime in over 5 years

Triple redundancy (backup)

Virtually no busy signals - 10:1 modem to user ratio

Latest technology: http://www.e-push/~jl
send receive email without a computer

$1900 in value-added benefts for GOLD & Platinum subscribers FREE

Service Packages
SILVER- Internet service
        $19.95 per month unlimited access
                POWERperks benefits - $149 software-free

        $14.95 per month plus 25cents per minute
                NETperks - $1900 worth of value-added           
benefits - FREE

PLATINUM - The works
        $24.95 per month
                Internet service
                e-PUSH and e-STAT
                POWERperks benefits - $149 software-free
                NETperks - $1900 worth of value-added           
                benefits - FREE

to see how you can get this service NOW!!!
look us up at

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