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1998-05-04 16:11:37
On May 4, 1998 at 16:35, Candace Carter - Sun Toronto SE wrote:

I cannot find anything in the documentation re the following;
1) Will manual editing of an archived message body affect anthing?

If it is the message data or message header, your edits should be
preserved if a message is modified.  I.e.  The converted message header
and body are static.

2) What about the editing of the subjectline?

If you mean what is generated by the SUBJECTHEADER resource, yes.
You can edit this, and it will be permanent.

In sum, the resources SUBJECTHEADER and HEADBODYSEP are static.
I.e.  If you change these resources on an existing archive, the
change will only affect new messages.  Existing ones will not
get the change (even if you use -editidx).

The inflexibility of these resources are due to legacy versions.

The following comment declarations in a message page delimits
text that will never be changed by MHonArc:


Note, you will notice other comment declarations between these
two.  It is possible in some future version that those portions
can be changed.  However, the formatted message header and
converted message body data will always(?) be static.  Deleting
and re-adding must be done if you want to change the message
header formatting or message body data.

3) What controls the layout and positioning of the attachments to a message?

Appearance of message data (including attachments) is determined
by the registered MIMEFILTERS.

The position of message data and any associated attachments is
determined by the order the data appears in the original message.
This is a property of the mail parsing code.  Controling the
order would require code modification, and I know of no easy way to
make it general enough to make it customizable.  Hence, any change
would be specific to a given user's need.

MHTML messages can denote how attachments should be displayed within
the main HTML message, but MHonArc does not support MHTML.

Note, you may want to check out
of the FAQ.  A similiar technique is possible to control attachment
order (not pretty, but doable).  It does require Perl coding.

BTW, the next release of MHonArc will support annotations.  Hence,
if all you want to do is add annotations to messages, you can wait
for the next release.


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