Re: editing messages that have been posted by mhonarc

1998-05-05 12:49:46
On May 5, 1998 at 09:17, Candace Carter - Sun Toronto SE wrote:

According to the content of the dbfile I should be able to go into the html 
documents generated by mhonarc and edit the body text for content if required
without affecting the performence of the archive in any way.
but below you say that I would have to delete and repost to change the messag
body data?

I was refering to how it was converted.  For example, if you changed
the behavior of a filter, the change will only show in new messages.
Existing message data stays the way it is.  If you want the new filter
affect existing messages, you have to do the delete/re-add.

You can edit the body data directly if you want.  However, you should
be careful when you do it.  You do not want a mhonarc process
performing an edit on the file while you are editing it.  Manual
edits can be risky if an archive is updated as messages arrive.
If archive is updated via a cron job (or other periodic process),
then you can do it between jobs, or disable the job until edits
are complete.

If your edits are quick, you can create a .mhonarc.lck directory
manually, do your edit, and then delete the directory.

Also you say that the "The converted message header and body are static."
But the subject line (which is in the message header isn't it?) is recorded i
the dbfile.
If I were to change the text of the subjectline of the generated html documen
won't the dbfile get confused when adding new messages?

Depends on your point of view.  MHonArc will use the original.  It does
not parse the message page to get the subject.  If you want the new
subject you created for the message to be used throughout (in index
pages, etc), you will also have to change it in the db file.


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