1998-05-17 12:04:34
Our Foundation Was Established
(and do it in as little as 6-12 months if you have a burning desire to get 
there fast!)

Our non-profit foundation can help YOU earn more money than you ever thought 
possible -- while benefiting others as well.

Only one product line with mass appeal            
 No meetings to attend-work from home
No inventory, handling or delivery                
 Great marketing support 
Daily or weekly pay - your choice                 
 No monthly qualifications or quotas 
Market worldwide, no restrictions                 
 Free training and marketing tools 

Imagine, if lack of money were not an obstacle in you life...

What luxuries would you enjoy?                   
 Where would you spend your vacations? 
What colleges would you choose?                  
 What kind of home would you have? 
What charities would you support? 

Should YOU respond to this offer? 

This opportunity is not for everybody - it is for men and women who have BIG 
dreams and desire prosperity and know they can achieve it - if only they can 
find the right vehicle.  We have that vehicle!        

Every self-help expert in the land knows the first step toward financial 
freedom is simply in BELIEVING you can reach that goal.  We not only take your 
to the BELIEVING point - we give you the MEANS to begin accumulating wealth 
almost immediately! 

Residual income is when YOU make large sums of CASH and put it to work for YOU! 

Our proven system is working right now for many other success-minded people - 
earning large incomes from their first week!  There's no cost or obligation for 
getting the facts, so CALL US NOW!  Take full advantage of the power that has 
been assembled here for you - your LIFE and your LIFESTYLE will be forever 

We have the Vehicle ...
Do YOU have the Dream and the Courage to GO FOR IT?

call our information hotline 1-888-588-9679

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