news archiving

1998-05-17 20:55:17

I have been trying to get MHonArc to archive (convert) some newsgroup
articals into an HTML format, like it does with mail messages. Are there
any special settings I need? Thigs just don't seem to be working well...I
either get the following when I try to archive them...

cat /var/spool/news/chi/general/1583 | mhonarc -add -rcfile /home
/httpd/html/news/misc/xnation-l.rc -news -outdir

Reading database ...
Reading resource file: /home/httpd/html/news/misc/xnation-l.rc ...
Adding message to /home/httpd/html/news/groups/test


it archives them, and it can't find the proper subject line (it uses
soemthgin like "no subject" instead)

I am just looking for some guidence....



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