Re: help using eval to fix "times not implemented"

1998-05-28 08:27:52
On May 28, 1998 at 18:35, Paul RDL wrote:

I just installed Mhonarc 2.2.0 and am now getting a "times not implemented
at line 74" error. There were no problems under any of the
mhonarc 2.1 versions.  

Running under Perl v. 5.003_07 (Perl for Win32 build 316).  System is Win95
running Mhonarc in a DOS window with a batch file.


I've fussed around with eval and am not getting something right as now
mhonarc doesn't do anything at all.  Would someone be kind enough to
either email me the proper surgery for or, less preferably,
point me to 2.1?   

Since you were reading the archives, if you checked further (followed
the thread), the fix is mentioned by a user.  If you do a search on
"times", you should get hits that will give you the right message.  The
fix is just a couple of lines and the lines are mentioned in the
message if I recall correctly.


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