(ADMIN) MHonArc: Notice of Upcoming Change to the List

1998-06-01 23:38:02
MHonArc List Subscribers,

The time is approaching for the MHonArc mailing list to change hands.
I would like to thank Achim Bohnet you has been a gracious host since
the list started.  For those who do not know, the mhonarc mailing list
would never have started when it did unless Achim suggested it back in
1995 and volunteered his time and resources to make it happen.  I
believe the list has served as a useful resource for mhonarc users, and
it has definitely made my life easier by giving other people the
ability to share their knowledge and answers questions (sometimes
better than I could have done).

Now the baton is being passed to Christopher Lindsey at NCSA.  He will
be the new list administrator.  He will send a message to the list when
the current subscription list has been transfered over to the new host,
and announce the new address and any other important administrative
information.  The current address should still be valid for awhile
after the change so everyone can update their personal mail aliases
and/or address books (and for me to update the documentation).

Thanks to all the people who responded to volunteer their services to
host the list when Achim sent out his request.  Many appeared to have
adequate resources, but the new home at NCSA seems to be the best fit
at this time.  Thanks again for those who responded, and sorry for the
delay in making the final choice.


             Earl Hood              | University of California: Irvine
      ehood(_at_)medusa(_dot_)acs(_dot_)uci(_dot_)edu      |      Electronic 
Loiterer | Dabbler of SGML/WWW/Perl/MIME

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