Re: Frames -- Limiting Access

1998-06-01 20:49:03
 Off the top of my head, you could take advantage of the BrowserMatch
directive in the Apache webserver to manipulate what gets presented to
search engines vs. what gets presented to average browsers.  This way,
your server would direct all request to the master frame.

 Other than that, you could modify your resource file(s) to place a link
to the "framed contents" in each of your pages.

On Fri, 29 May 1998, Jeff Hill wrote:

Been using MHonArc for months with no problems, but now I'm getting
complaints that people who come directly from search engines are getting
just the main message, not the entire framed contents.

Has anyone tried any restrictions so that people will always get the
entire frame structure and never be able to go directly to a single

Thanks for any input,

Jeff H.


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