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1998-06-02 17:43:30
On May 29, 1998 at 17:20, 
marianne_betterly-kohn(_at_)ccgate(_dot_)apl(_dot_)com wrote:

Thanks for your prompt response. We still have a problem - here goes 
the explanation. To begin with, the rebuild is done with -add -quiet 
-rcfile -outdir parameters. This works for adding new entries, 
however, once they are in the maillist.html, they never leave. 

We deleted the maillist.html and ran mhonarc -editidx - we got an 
ERROR: Unable to open /msg02381.html (which doesn't exist). This was 
done with root privs.

Hmmm.  It appears that your .mhonarc.db is out of sync.  I.e.  It
thinks there is message 02381, but the file has been removed.  Try
the following:

        mhonarc -rmm 2381

(Add other relavent options, -outdir et al, as needed).  If -rmm
gives a warning about unable to remove a file, ignore it.  The important
thing is that it will delete the information about message 2381
and rebuild the index.  Do this for each message where you get
the error message like above and the file does not exist.

NOTE: Make sure to keep a backup of your original .mhonarc.db.

Then we tried to build a new database. We renamed the .mhonarc.db and ran 
mhonarc - got nothing. Then ran mhonarc -editidx and got a new .mhonarc.db an
d a
new maillist.html : both were empty.

You cannot do this.  Getting rid of .mhonarc.db effectively removes
the archive.

I have around 800 html files in my 
directory. The original mailfiles are gone. Is there any way to use the html 
files to rebuild the database? 

A solution is provided in the FAQ.  However, I am unsure of its fitness
with later versions of MHonArc.  I plan to develop a rebuild db program
for the next release.  Try the above solution above before relying on a
rebuild procedure.

I continue to see entries to old, deleted html
files. If I try to remove the already removed entries from the mhonarc.db, I'
told they don't exist - but they keep appearing in the maillist.html!

If the page weren't so big or so important to my users, I'd just start from 
scratch, but 100s of people are using it.

Do you have the original messages?  You can always try to recreate
the archive from the originals if the above solution does not work.


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