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1998-06-02 22:12:57
On June 2, 1998 at 20:20, Joe Salviz wrote:

    o   Leave things as-is, and inform senders of such messages to
        label properly attachments they send.  BTW, doing this is good
        to do regardless of what you choose to do.  People, and the
        software they use, should know how to do things right.  Leaving
        binXXXXX.bin files will cause an inconvience to readers, but
        you will not compromise your server/system.

The email goes through multiple gateways such as PROFS, OpenMail,
NotesMail, internet mail etc..and therefor labels get lost. 

This has nothing to do with gateways.  If a gateway is actually
modifying the message data itself to actually change the meaning of the
data, it is seriously doing something wrong, and send some angry mail
to postmaster of the offending MTA (mail transfer agent).  Your problem
has to do with bad user mail software (formally known as mail user
agents, or MUAs).  I have seen it before.  Common with PC based

    o   Activate the "usename" option to the external file filter.
        Details are in the MIMEFILTERS (Default Settings section) and
        MIMEARGS resource pages.  Warnings are given about the security
        implications of "usename".  In sum, "usename" will cause the
        filename specified in the message to be used.  Also look at
        the "subdir" option.

I tried this and could not get it to work.  I must not have understood
how to activate the file filter.  I had created a rcfile called MRC  and
embedded the MIMEFilter resource.
m2h_external::filter usename

Two problems:

    o   You use MIMEARGS to define argument to filters.  MIMEFILTERS
        is used to register filters to content-types.

    o   You forgot the semi-colon that separates the filter name
        from the option string.

Try the following:

m2h_external::filter; usename


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