Problems running MHonArc

1998-06-12 09:07:50
I'm trying to run MHonArc out of /etc/aliases, but this keeps on

Jun 11 11:42:26 testbed sendmail[2677]: LAA02677: from=root,
size=32,class=0, pri=30032,
Jun 11 11:43:01 testbed sendmail[2679]: LAA02677:
to="|/usr/local/bin/webnewmail", delay=00:00:35, xdelay=00:00:34,
mailer=prog, stat=unknown mailer error 255
Jun 11 11:43:01 testbed sendmail[2679]: LAA02677: LAA02679: DSN:
unknown mailer error 255

When I pipe files to webnewmail,  I get:

ERROR: Unable to create /home/httpd/html/test.archive/.mhonarc.lck
after 10 tries
Broken pipe

...and it quits.

When I look at the output directory, I find 2 new items:

a file called .mhonarc.db
a directory called .mhonarc.lck

My question is: Is this normal behaviour? If it is, what am I missing?

Thank you

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