Re: Problems running MHonArc

1998-06-12 09:39:37
On June 12, 1998 at 08:47, Michael Mussington wrote:

When I pipe files to webnewmail,  I get:

ERROR: Unable to create /home/httpd/html/test.archive/.mhonarc.lck
after 10 tries
Broken pipe

...and it quits.

When I look at the output directory, I find 2 new items:

a file called .mhonarc.db
a directory called .mhonarc.lck

My question is: Is this normal behaviour? If it is, what am I missing?

.mhonarc.lck is used to insure no two mhonarc processes try to
write an archive at the same time.  It can get left around if a
mhonarc process that created the lock abnormally terminated.

From the Diagnostics section of the documentation:

    ERROR: Unable to create lockfile after # tries

    The statement means that a lock file is in place for the archive you
    are trying to update.

    Sometimes a lock file exists, but no MHonArc process is modifying the
    archive.  This can occur if MHonArc is abnormally terminated. If you
    know that no other MHonArc process is editting the archive you are try
    to modify, then manually remove the lock file or use the FORCE

Hope this helps,


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