Changed list server

1998-06-15 00:05:32
As some of you may have heard and noticed, the MHonArc mailing list is
now being run at NCSA.  Over the past few years Achim Bohnet has done
a tremendous job in providing this invaluable resource to the MHonArc
community; I only hope that I can continue his high standards and

The list officially switched over at 8:00am on Thursday, June 4, but
I've been ironing out some details with implementation since then.  I
appreciate your patience (and no complaints!), particularly with regards
to the recent influx of spam. 

All of your old email aliases associated with the list should work for
the time being, but it would be A Good Thing to start using the new
aliases soon.  To send mail to the list, direct it to


To subscribe or unsubscribe, send mail to


with the body of your message containing the single word 


(or unsubscribe, if appropriate).  If you run into problems, please
send them to mhonarc-owner(_at_)ncsa(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu(_dot_)


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