Re: pb with foreign version of eudora

1998-06-13 01:50:01
On June 10, 1998 at 12:15, Vincent RICHARD wrote:

Mhonarc cannot process .mbx files from eudora pro french version (version
3). I thought I was going to get crazy until I finally tried eudora light
US version and it worked fine... It could be due to some differences
between eudora pro and eudora light, but I would rather think it's related
to the french version.

The symptoms: Apparently, everyhting works fine if the mailbox has less
than 2 messages in it, but when it contains more than 2 messages, I get the
'times not implemented in at line 1384' error message (even
though this line was corrected with an 'eval' as mentioned in previous

That is odd.  What version of Perl are using?  I'd be surprised if the
mbx file format was actually different from the french and english
versions of eudora.  I can see no reason how the difference in language
would justify a difference in format.


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