Re: removing subject header (+another question)

1998-06-15 19:39:14
On Mon, 15 Jun 1998, Earl Hood wrote:

While I want subject lines to display in mixed case in 
the archive (just like they appear in the mail), I like the
subject-based threading to be case insensitive...

Glad you brought this up.  Forgot about it.  The place to
goto is and the compute_threads function.  The

      $stripsub{$index} = $tmp;

can be changed to:

      $stripsub{$index} = lc $tmp;

I think this should fix the problem (have not tested).

I don't think so, since FirstSub2Index will still use the original $tmp as
its index. How about changing

$tmp = $Subject{$index};


$tmp = lc $Subject{$index};


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