Mhonarc Majordomo ?

1998-06-15 22:38:25
I have a list that majordomo archives and digest and am currently looking
to implement MHonArc.  I was trying your script from the FAQ however.  I
keep running into an error.

rogueserver:/var/lib/httpd/cgi-bin# ./
Unmatched right bracket at ./ line 35, at end of line
syntax error at ./ line 35, near "}"
Execution of ./ aborted due to compilation errors.

I also had a question about the $ARCHDIR.  I have my main directory that is
/usr/local/mail/archives and I put my archive directories in there IE
quake2.archive.  Would I just put the main dir.  meaning
/usr/local/mail/archives? Once I get the script working Do I have to
implement a cron job to continue to process the archives.

Is Mhonarc worth implementing with the majordomo.  I just see at as an
easier way to access the archive logs?

Thanks for your time.

Joe Wronkowski

# - Process all Listprocessor archives using MHonArc
# Kevin McCann
#### Directory locations:
# Listproc, Majordomo, or Listserv top archives dir 
$ARCHDIR = "/usr/local/mail/archives";
# MhonArch web archives directory   
$MONDIR = "/var/lib/httpd/htdocs/majordomo/mhonarc";
# Let's figure out what lists exist
opendir(DIR,"$ARCHDIR/") || die "Can't open directory";@dirs = readdir(DIR);
@sorteddirs = sort @dirs;closedir(DIR);
for (@sorteddirs) {      # processing a list   $listname = $_;
   opendir(DIR,"$ARCHDIR/$listname") || die "Can't open directory";
   @logs = readdir(DIR);
   @sortedlogs = sort @logs;
   for (@sortedlogs) {
     if (/log/) {                # processing files with name format 'logYYMM'
       $log = $_;
       system("/usr/local/bin/mhonarc  -outdir  $MONDIR/$listname/$log
                 # modify the above command line as needed 
}             # end of script 

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